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In this series finale, pathologist Dr. Lily Robinson races around the globe to hunt an assassin who, like her, finds poison the weapon of choice.

A world-renowned climatologist is found dead off the Great Barrier Reef of northern Australia weeks before he’s set to deliver his earth-shattering findings at the international Climate Council conference. Was it greed to maintain the status quo of fossil fuels—or revolutionary new science—that motivated his murder? Can Lily Robinson stop the killer before another climate scientist dies?

With operative and lover JP Marchand at her side, Lily uncovers a cunning plot that endangers world order, and changes the trajectory of her life—forever.



Lily Robinson is recovering from her last mission, dwelling on her past, and second-guessing her life choices. Does the good of the many truly outweigh the good of the one? She’d thought so. So, when a prominent climate scientist dies under mysterious circumstances, she is easily persuaded to get back into the game and work with the U.S. Government’s special anti-terrorism team.

The trail takes Lily first to Cape Town, South Africa, then to Sydney, Australia, and finally to Brussels, Belgium, the Climate Council’s conference venue. Yet, globetrotting plays havoc with Lily’s memories—her time with Rose’s father, Charles, her initial recruitment by the legendary Pixie Dust, and her relationship with her partner, JP.

Lily comes full circle as she learns the truth and confronts the killer. She knows how it started, but how will it end?


"We’ll Always Have Poison is a grand tutelage in the use of toxins as weapons in this captivating fourth book of the Lily Robinson international thriller series. Dr. Lily Robinson, expert pathologist and undercover assassin, is summoned once again when a key speaker at the International Climate Council is mysteriously murdered. When more lives and the world as we know it are in grave danger, Robinson and her cohort (and lover) Agent JP Marchand are charged with exposing and eradicating the new – and global - environmental threats. Trust is hard to come by as a large cast of brilliant scientists and political operatives jockey for dominance and revenge. Author Magnani’s latest book is for readers who love deep and specific details, intricate relationships with tangled pasts and presents, nefarious intentions, criminal masterminds and, of course, poisons." -Jule Selbo, screenwriter and award-winning author of the DEE ROMMEL MYSTERY NOVELS

We’ll Always Have Poison is an emotional international adventure of epic proportions. Set on the poisonous points of a right triangle, South Africa, Australia, and Belgium, Magnani takes us on a thrill ride in pursuit of whoever is murdering climate activists in unique ways. Lily Robinson, the Queen of all Poisons, is back with her team of mentor and lover, JP, and his partner, Parker, in a global clash with a mysterious villain who might just be the tip of the iceberg for an ominous and sinister organization. For Lily, it is more than business as usual—a trip down memory lane and a peek at a future of potential peace, serenity, and happiness. In pursuit of the baddie, Magnani weaves in scintillating marine biology tidbits, fascinating historical and cultural detail, and the savoring of delicious food. We’ll Always Have Poison is a fabulous read on multiple levels and one not to be missed.” -Matt Cost, award-winning author of histories and mysteries.

"Meet Dr. Lily Robinson. She's smart and sophisticated and a little bit vulnerable, too. She's also very dangerous. Why? Because she knows everything about poisons and how they work and how to use them in clandestine service to the U.S. government. She's no superhero, but she's unique in the male-dominated world of thriller fiction, and she's back in We'll Always Have Poison---a big, new adventure, a globe-hopping page-turner that will sweep you up, then surprise you, then leave you completely satisfied. Don't miss it." -- William Martin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Back Bay and December '41


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