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The Dr. Lily Robinson series begins with this medical thriller about mass poisoning

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Book 2: missiles,  mayhem and a very personal discovery


Book 3: who controls the world's resources? Can Lily handle the truth?

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Book 4: you know how it begins, now discover how it ends.
(available July 17th; preorder now)

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“BJ Magnani’s Dr. Lily Robinson novels are always a bestseller at Newburyport’s Illume Books.”

- Jen Perry, founder, Illume Books


Hear Dr. Magnani's inspiration for Lily Robinson and her next career as a novelist (podcast from the College of American Pathologists).

Read how Dr. Magnani deploys her fictional, poison-savvy assassin to educate us on real-life toxicology.

Dr. Magnani describes how pathology and writing mix in the world of Lily Robinson.

Our fascination with assassinations featured in Mystery and Suspense Magazine

Dr. Magnani comments on forensic toxicology drug concentrations in this ABC news clip.

Dr. Barbarajean Magnani talks novels, CAP Foundation

BJ Magnani talks with Julia Daily on starting a writing career after 50.


April Authors Forward interview with Matt Cost and Dr. BJ Magnani - Books Forward 2023

"The Future of Human vs AI Novelists" 

Feb.22, 2023

BJ Magnani joins a panel of authors and a tech expert with Bonnie D. Graham on Technology Revolution, The Future of Now 

"People of Pathology" podcast with Dennis Strenk Dec.5, 2022

Dr. Magnani talks about A Message in Poison, The Poison Blog, the trolley problem and more.


"People of Pathology" podcast with Dennis Strenk Aug. 2, 2021

Dr. Magnani talks about her role in the CAP's See Test & Treat program, screening for breast cancer and her second novel, The Power of Poison.


"People of Pathology" podcast with Dennis Strenk Nov.16, 2020

Dr. Magnani talks about her journey from science and medicine to creative writing.

A portion of the proceeds from the Dr. Lily Robinson novels helps support the College of American Pathologists Foundation's See, Test & Treat Program—a free educational and screening program for breast and cervical cancer. For more information, visit the CAP Foundation.

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